Spray Gun

Spray Gun

Approx Price: Rs 330 / Piece(s) 
We offer to our clients a wide range of pilot paint spray guns. Our guns are used for automobile spray painting and for easier cleaning of the body, these are provided with a non-stick coating. These high pressure spray guns are provided with sharp stainless steel nozzle and needle that enable the guns to be used with water borne and solvent based products. Our guns are designed to operate at speeds to match high production rates and paint saving.

Foundry Gun

Approx Price: Rs 740 / Piece 
A Triple action tool is now at your fingertips. The Foundry Gun is used in foundries and die–mould manufacturing companies. It is ideal for blowing out moulds, patterns etc, for applying Foundry liquid dressings (foldcote, Terracote etc.) and partings (Separols etc.) and as an agitator for dressings that tend to settle out.

Pilot Power Airless Spray Gun- E 88

Approx Price: Rs 2,100 / Piece 
One of the most prominent features of E-88 is the absence of the cumbersome air compressor. So one just needs to plug in and spray. Being portable, the Pilot Power Airless Spray Gun can work wonders anywhere, be it indoors or outdoors in order to reach crevices that are generally missed by a brush. Dismantling, cleaning and reassembling consume hardly any time, which makes it a favorite among users. It has a longer lifespan because it uses a stronger pump for an efficient performance. It produces a finer spray because it uses all-metal jets that atomize liquid better. Pressure-screws regulate the force of the spray without any wastage, drips or unevenly painted surfaces. The areas of application include spraying paints and varnishes on furniture, windows, grills, doors etc, insecticides and disinfectants in gardening, polishes on sculptures. It can also be used as a cleansing agent or for Housekeeping departments in hotels. E88 spray gun is an invaluable tool for sculpture painting and a priceless equipment to garages, exhibition contractors, photographers, interior decorators, fabricators for varied industrial applications.
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